Fun Time in Utila

Ready to Enjoy Some of the Famous Fun Time in Utila?

Obviously, after a activity filled day diving in the reefs just off Utila, you will be looking for a place to unwind and share your day’s experiences with other travelers and locals alike for some true fun time in Utila! Fortunately, Utila has a lot to offer as far as sunset bars where you can rendezvous with your peers. Most of the great bars on Utila are on the water, and therefore offer a great view of the sunset every evening, so if you hurry, you will be able to take advantage of happy hour with a free, spectacular sunset!

Tranquila Bar.

Fun Time in Utila
Sunset Happy Hour at Tranquila Bar

Probably the most famous, certainly one of the longest established bars on the island. This is a great bar to hang out in, meet people and watch the sunset. Ice cold beer, a variety of shots and the convenience of a great central location which makes it easy to get to and get back to your hotel. A large deck over the water provides some privacy over the bar counter on the inside.  Make sure you take advantage of the specials, such as Tequila Tuesdays at Tranquila Bar for some awesome fun time in Utila!

Relapse Bar.

Utila Restaurants
The Relapse Bar is on the Water next to Chepe’s Beach

Relapse has taken over the old Rehab locale next to Chepe’s Beach. They have done a fairly good job, and the menu is pretty much the same. Of course, the soul at Rehab bar was its deceased owner, Lee Odelein. Relapse is a popular bar and they serve a good meal. It’s one of the best options on the island for a time in Utila.


Fun time in Utila
Rehab Bar: one of the best bars in Utila!

Their slogan is recovery is not an option! Rehab is everything but a rehab center! Located almost next to Chepe’s beach, it is on the outskirts of town, but offers a really nice over the water setting. They now offer a full service restaurant also, specializing in the catch of the day and great chicken wings with a variety of different sauces.  Rehab is certainly a great spot for some outstanding fun time in Utila! Unfortunately, as of February 2018 the Rehab Bar has closed its doors.


World famous for their guifity challenge, which involves a series of guifity shots that can be redeemed for a t shirt, Skidrow also offers a full service restaurant. Located on the far western end of town, on the way towards Chepe’s Beach across the street from Ecomarine Dive Shop. Open daily from breakfast until late at night.

The Venue.

A New establishment located right on Chepe’s beach, The Venue offers a nice relaxed setting with the beach on one side and a deck over the lagoon on the other: the perfect setting for some unforgettable fun time in Utila. Great full service bar, which also offers a nice menu, plus the fact that since it is out of town you do not need to worry about making too much noise. The Venue is a nice place that offers the best of South African hospitality, offered by Frazer and Allistar, natives from South Africa that have set up home right on Utila offering a different set of day tours around the island. Try the unique Honduras spirits available only here! The Venue is the best Rum Bar in Utila, and as I read somewhere, if you drink rum before noon time, you are not an Alcoholic, you are a Pirate!


If you are looking for a different, totally unique bar, this is your best bet! The Treetanic bar is located within the Jade Seahorse & Nightline Cabins complex right on Cola de Mico Road, a couple of hundred yards from the municipal dock. Treetanic, which resembles the deck of an old pirate ship, is up high over the rest of the town buildings, which insures you will always have a nice breeze to cool you down, and offers a unique truly eclectic artsy décor which includes old ship parts, art made by the owner and builder himself, and a generally unique atmosphere. Sit around the deck and meet your fellow travelers on this journey through the northwestern Caribbean! All aboard mates, time for fun time in Utila! The bar is especially lively on Friday and Saturday nights.

Casa Dr. John.

If you did a bit of research about Utila before coming this way, you probably found a fun video titled “If you come to Utila”. If you did, you will surely remember the part about “Dr. John” whom you surely thought was a made up character, but the truth is that he does exist! Although Dr. John, a US expat living in Utila for many years has been banned by the Honduras ministry of health from practicing medicine in Honduras. He has reinvented himself as a party animal trying to live up to the image that was portrayed of him in the video. He sells T Shirts and organizes challenges for you to earn one also. Casa Dr. John is the perfect spot for some fun time in Utila. If you go, please share your experience with us! Of course, he sells a variety of t shirts, for more information, visit his facebook page. Casa Sr. John is not a bar. It is a great experience most people enjoy. If you want a drink, take it there with you. Bring an extra one for Dr. John!


One of the oldest, best established dockside bars in Utila, and for some reason, one of the least spoken about. Babalu is a great restaurant bar with nice dock right on the bay. With its own natural aquarium on the deck over the water, it provides for a great atmosphere. Located on the eastern end of the Bay in Utila Town. Beware, Babalu us hard to find! Last time I was briefly on the island I set out to look for it, and was completely unsuccessful. Please take note that Babalu is no longer open as of February 2018.