Fun Time in Roatan’s East End

Looking to Have Some Fun Time in Roatan’s East End?

As a rule, the Roatan’s East End is much quieter than the West End. With fewer resorts, smaller communities, and longer distances, few people have tried to open a bar or a club in this part of town. However, this coming month of March, a new, very unique club will be opening its doors in the east end that will change things. A word of advice: if you are traveling in search of fun time in Roatan’s East End, make sure you have a designated driver in your group. Not only is the distance from the East End relatively far, the road is winding, dark, and can be treacherous, especially on a dark rainy Roatan night. You do not want to be driving it under the influence of alcohol!


Fun time in Roatan's East End

Ongoing construction on the new Isery Club in Roatan’s East End

The newest club in the island, is located on the top of the ridge, on the road between heading east towards Punta Gorda. Isery offers an extravagant pirate ship décor that is truly unique as seen from the road, however once inside you will find that you are in a state of the art club with the most modern dance floor and electronic equipment on the island, maybe even Central America. Scheduled to open its doors on the 25 of March, it will surely become one more reason to visit Roatan’s East End for some great fun times! A full international bar and restaurant will operating on premises.