West Bay Roatan

West Bay Roatan

West Bay Roatan is Home to the Best Beach in Central America!

West Bay Roatan is also known as West Bay Beach Roatan. The most popular, iconic beach on Roatan Island is located right here, on West Bay Roatan. West Bay, West End and Sandy Bay are all part of what we consider Roatan’s West End.

Over the last two decades, West Bay has developed into area with the most sophisticated tourism infrastructure on the island. Most of the development has been based on the condo-hotel concept, where suites and apartments are built and sold and owners can incorporate them into a hotel pool, in an effort to offset maintenance costs for a beach property that is not actually lived in on a regular basis. There are however some all inclusive resorts that where built exclusively as hotels, and finally some smaller villas and bed and breakfasts in the area.

West Bay Roatan, has slowly developed its own diverse restaurant and bar alternatives, and thus has become more independent from the community of West End, where there are many bars and restaurants competing for your business. As a general rule, establishments in West Bay Roatan, also known as West Bay Beach are more permanent than those in West End.

Although most of the restaurants in bars in the West Bay Roatan area are within the resorts, there are several independent establishments with a lot of character. In addition, most of those in the resorts are open to the public, so you are welcome to walk in and have a meal or a beer there.

Life in West Bay Roatan gravitates around the beautiful white sand beach there. It is considered the most picturesque and unique beach in all of Central America, and you will find many different hotels, restaurants and bars right on this lovely stretch of beach. Lounge chaise’s, souvenir shops, local women offering to braid your hair, boats offering a variety of services, from fishing to parasailing to being pulled in a banana are all to be found in this lovely beach. The beach is very safe, however make sure that you keep your property close to you, or better yet, make sure you do not bring more cash than you need and that you leave your travel documents safe in your room.